Google Apps and Drive Workshop 3/11/13

The first TIES workshop I attended was all about Google Apps and Drive. Not only did we discuss the uses of Google Apps and Drives, but we also discussed Google Mail.

Going into the workshop, I felt that I would not learn much and did not see much use for Google in the classroom. I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised to discover so many different uses for Google in the classroom.

The main topics discussed were Google Calendar, Google Drive, and embedding certain aspects of Google in Weebly. I think that both Google Calendar and Google Drive can be used in multiple ways in the classroom.

I discovered that if a Google Calendar is made public and embedded in different websites (such as a classroom page) it will update each time I make a change to it. I think that a Google Calendar would be a great asset to my classroom webpage in various ways. First, parents, students, and administrators could view the calendar and will instantly know what important activities are going on inside the classroom now and in the future. I also think Google Calendar would be a great way to show available time to parents and administrators in case they would like to meet with me. Moreover, I could put all conferencing appointments on the calendar so that parents can double check their appointment times.

We also discussed Google Drive which I am familiar with. However, I had never thought to use it in the classroom setting. I think that Google Drive would be great to use with both students and parents. Students could use Google Drive to work in groups. They would be able to edit projects and discuss what they would like to do when they are not in the classroom. I could use Google Drive with parents for conference appointment sign up, field trip chaperone sign up, snack sign up for parties, etc. It would be super easy to send the link to all the parents and give each of them editing rights so that I do not have to worry about students bringing in their parents' signed forms.

I absolutely look forward to using the many different applications of Google in my future classroom!

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