I read the article How the iPad Can Transform Classroom Learning. The article discusses how implementing iPads in school will not only improve learning, but has the potential to change how learning is done in schools completely. It mentions that in the 1980s computers changed the way students presented work and learned through having the ability to type papers, present with media, and to gather more information than an encyclopedia can give us. Obviously, the iPad can do all of these things for students, however, it has a leg up on the competition. The iPad is portable which could make all the difference in students’ willingness and motivation to learn.

                The author, Ben Johnson, mentions using iPads in both Math and Science classes. His math example describes allowing the students to independently learn through search for the best geometric shape for a deep sea submarine. Mr. Johnson asks what the students can do with iPads that they cannot do with a regular computer or encyclopedia. His answer? “The students can find out the necessary information about how deep is deep, about what kind of pressures exist there, and find out the math necessary to determine the strongest geometric form. They can also collaborate with their peers by walking across the room and showing them their results on the iPad, they can ask the teacher questions through the network, and the students can find, or better yet, create pressure simulations to predict the results. They can check out lectures from experts and professors at iTunes U, and they can share and save what they learned with other students on the network. They can graph their results, sketch a possible example of what a submarine of this form might look like, and then do a Prezi presentation about what they learned.” Not only can the iPad be used in a Math class such as this, but it can be used in all subjects. Students would have the ability to research content for a paper they are being asked to write at the tips of their fingers. They could also take notes on new grammar they have learned using apps that allow them to type and draw. How great would it be to have neatly written notes with added arrows and drawings to further your understanding? Mr. Johnson’s examples of using iPads in the classroom portray the iPads being used in direct instruction, collaborative learning, and independent learning. With such versatile use, why wouldn’t administrators be chomping at the bit to get iPads for their schools?

                It is true that an iPad could be thought of as an extrinsic motivator for students. However, Mr. Johnson describes many fantastic uses for the iPads and his examples cause you to think of many different ways that you could use them in your own classroom. With iPads, students are able to enjoy learning through independent instruction (geometry example). They are also able to do projects from home and bring in data through video and pictures (science example). With iPads, students have access to all types of knowledge and they don’t even have to leave their seat. iPads are efficient and they allow students to search for content themselves rather than relying on teachers to give them all of the answers. iPads are a fantastic addition to any classroom and I hope you are able to see the benefits.

Morgan Keating
4/3/2013 07:30:44 am

Great article! I think iPads are a great addition to classrooms because of the many different things they can do. There are endless apps that can help students learn and it is portable which allows students to work in places other than the classroom. Collaboration between students and teachers is very easy to do and students can access many different things with the iPad. Great job!

Jessica Sobel
4/3/2013 09:58:02 am

I think this is a really great piece of technology to use in the classroom. Having the students use the Ipads in the way you suggested with math and science seems like it would be very beneficial to your students. It allows them to not only use the technology by themselves but allows them the chance to independently and collaborative learn with their classmates. Nice job!

Abby Arseneau
4/5/2013 04:36:36 am

I really like the idea of using iPads in the classroom. There are many different ways that they can be used and are very helpful. They can easily be used in different subjects, like you mentioned for math and science. Good work!

Samantha Dalton
4/7/2013 10:11:00 am

I love the article! iPads are amazing I wish I had one and I would for sure use it in the classroom! When I attended the iPad workshop they told us about so many free apps to use in the classroom and they would make teaching so much easier! Good job!


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