I read the article How Educators and Schools Can Make the Most of Google Hangouts. The entire article describes Google Hangouts and gives examples of how it can be used in various situations in the classroom and with various age groups. For instance, it mentions that elementary students can participate in Google Hangouts through having a video conference with an author they are learning about or having a book club with other elementary schools in the district and having the ability to discuss the book with their fellow members without loading the entire class on a bus. The article presents different uses of Google Hangouts through college-age students and up to administrators/professors. The article does not mention a specific content area that Google Hangouts can be used; however Google Hangouts can be used for all different content areas, whether it is literacy (the book club mentioned before), a group project on any subject, and tutoring a younger peer in math among other things. I can see this technology being used in multiple ways. The article also discusses many types of pedagogy that Google Hangouts can be used for. For example, it describes using Google Hangouts for direct instruction, collaborative learning, project-based learning, and one-on-one meetings.

I love the idea of using Google Hangouts with elementary students. I think it would be great if they had a “pen pal” from a different part of the world that they could speak to for geography. I also like the many possibilities Google Hangouts provides for older students and administrators. Students in middle school and above can do many group projects without having to meet somewhere outside of school. I also think it would be great to create homework groups, especially in math, and having the students discuss different concepts together in the evenings. This would allow the students to get any questions they may have answered and they can work out problems together. The article likewise mentions that professors can use Google Hangouts for office hours when students are unable to meet during the times provided. There are so many uses and so many ways that Google Hangouts can be used.

            Google Hangouts can help students learn in meaningful ways through collaborating with fellow classmates, working with students from different schools in the district or even in other parts of the country, and allowing students to help each other outside of the classroom. Without this technology, your students could potentially have pen pals and discuss the geographic features of where they each live, but that would not be efficient and they would be unable to have detailed conversations. Not only does this technology efficiently allow students from different parts of the country or city to communicate, but it allows students to learn with and teach one another. For example, I recall learning new content in math classes and feeling able to complete practice problems, but as soon as I got home and pulled out my homework I just could not seem to remember how to solve the equations. With Google Hangouts, students can video-chat with other students in their class. Quite often, students are able to understand concepts when they are explained by fellow students. I feel that Google Hangouts is a great addition to any classroom and can truly help students learn with each other.

Samantha Dalton
3/25/2013 12:21:19 pm

I love the idea of google hangouts! I have never even heard of this program before but I think it is a great technology addition to the classroom. Pen pales really help students with their writing and they think it is fun! Also it allows for students to work on projects if they are unable to attend school for whatever reason. Good job!

Jessica Sobel
3/27/2013 04:40:13 am

This is such a smart idea to do in the classroom. I remember when I was in elementary school and we had pen pals and we would always send pictures in our letters. Being able to video chat with each other is such a smart way for the children to be able to see each other and the environments that they live in. I feel it would be really eye opening for the students. Overall I feel Google Hangouts is a really versatile piece of technology to use in your classroom!

Morgan Keating
3/28/2013 07:26:20 am

Growing up, receiving a letter from my pen pal was the best! Except I hated the waiting part! Google hangouts take the waiting game out and allow students to interact with other students directly! The video chat option is great and I think students would love this!


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